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Add on Domains and Your public_html folder You need to imagine your webspace, as say, a tree. Your public_html folder is the trunk - inside... Can I Transfer My Website From My Previous Hosting? If you would like us to transfer your website from your previous hosting, we would be very happy... How Can I Activate Ioncube Loders? If your script has been encoded using the ioncube encryption system, then you need to install the... How Can I Enable Register_Globals? Some (very!) old PHP scripts require the PHP register_globals settings to be enabled. This... How Can I Find My cPanel Login Details? To view your cPanel login details over a secure connection please follow the steps below.  1. Log... How Do I Add An Additional Domain To My Account? This guide shows you how to create an addon domain on a cPanel account running the Jupiter theme.... How Do I Change My cPanel Password? If you wish to change your password, you can do so quickly and easily via your cPanel. It is... How Do I Change the PHP Version on My Hosting Account? *This article applies to customers with Shared, Multi Site and Reseller hosting accounts only. If... How Do I Create a MySQL Database? A MySQL Database is often needed when you need to install a script. To create a MySQL Database... How Do I Log Into My Control Panel (cPanel)? To view your cPanel login details over a secure connection please follow the steps below.  1. Log... How Do I Make a Backup of My Account? At D9 Hosting we automatically back up your files on weekly basis. However, we always advise our... How Do I Parse HTML Pages As PHP? You can tell apache to treat your .html pages as .php pages by adding the following line of code... How Do I Run A Script In A PHP 5 Environment? This knowledgebase article is now out of date and should not be used. All Shared and Reseller... How To Implement Browser Side Caching Implementing browser side caching tells your website visitors web browser to cache certain files... How To Reduce Your File Usage Count We place file (inode) limits on shared and reseller accounts to keep our systems up and running... How To Set Up Cloudflare Cloudflare is pretty straightforward to set up. Simply visit and create a new... How To View .htaccess Viewing your .htaccess file can be a great way to troubleshoot common problems, however sometimes... How do I upgrade my hosting package? To find out about upgrading...... 1. Login to your D9 client area.2. Click on Services > My... How to create a subdomain in cPanel This guide shows you how to create a subdomain on a cPanel account running the Jupiter theme. If... I Cannot Find My cPanel Username & Password Your cPanel login details are contained within your secure D9 client area. To access these, along... I'm having problems uploading with Filezilla Sometimes Filezilla can be a bit quirky and thows up a `too many connections from this IP... I've Run Out of Disc Space/Bandwidth If you have run out of disc space and bandwith, you are more than likely on one of our old,... My Site Has Been Hacked, What Should I Do? If you believe your website has been hacked it may be worth getting in touch with us and seeing... Problems with Webdisc and Windows Vista Unfortunately the Webdisk is still very buggy with Windows Vista, it's very hit and miss. In our... What Are My FTP Details? To view your FTP details over a secure connection please follow the steps below.  1. Log into... What Is My IP Address? Your local IP address (the IP address assigned to you by your Internet provider) is shown below:... What Is The Absolute Path Of My Hosting Account? Some scripts will require you to insert the "absolute path" to your hosting... What Is The MySQL Database Hostname? When installing a script, you will be asked to enter your database host name. This is: localhost... What Is The Path To PERL? The path to PERL is the following:/usr/bin/perl(This is the path used on all D9 servers)   Why Is My Website Down? There are a number of different reasons as to why you are unable to connect to your website....
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