Drive Replacement (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Shaw
  • We will be taking the "Shaw" server down at 6am EST on the 25th September to replace a failed hard drive. Downtime should be around 30 - 60 mins.

    Update: This has had to be pushed back to 8.30am EST due to the limited availability of datacenter technicians at the original time.

    Update: This is now in progress

    Update: We are requesting an update from the datacenter as the drive replacement is taking longer than expected.

    Update: The faulty disk has been replaced with a new one. Unfortunately, the server was getting stuck in the BIOS on boot so we are performing a BIOS update in an attempt to resolve the issue.

    Update: Thank you for your patience. The server is back online, We have replaced the board of the server with a new once hence all the network configurations were lost. We have configured the IPs on the new network interface and the server is now accessible and sites are back up. 
    Please be informed that the RAID rebuilding is in progress, it's currently at 58% and should be completed in the next couple of hours. The server may be slightly sluggish during this time.

  • Date - 09/25/2018 08:30 - 09/24/2018 09:30
  • Last Updated - 09/25/2018 14:51

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