What is the Difference Between Transferring a Domain Name and Changing the Nameservers?

Transferring a Domain

When you transfer a domain, you move it from one Registrar to another.You will pay the Registrar for renewal. You can have a domain registered elsewhere from D9 but still host it with your webspace with us. For this you would need to point the nameservers to the D9 nameservers. There is a fee for domain transfers (excluding .co.uk transfers which are free), but the fee includes an extra 12 months added to the current term, so you don't lose out on any time left on the domain when you transfer it

Changing Nameservers

If you domain is regsitered with D9, you can change your nameservers from your client area. This does not cost anything

If you purchased your domain elsewhere, you should change your nameservers from the Registrar where you purchased your domain. Again, this doesn't cost anything.

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