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How To Find Email Client Configuration Settings in cPanel Print

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IMPORTANT: This guide only applies to Email Accounts that have been created via cPanel. If you are using our Hosted Exchange mail service please click here to view our Hosted Exchange configuration guides.

When configuring your email client, be it on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, it's often difficult to figure out which connection settings you should be using. Thankfully this is not the case with cPanel, as the connection settings for your Email Accounts can be found in just a couple of clicks.

Follow the steps below to configure your email client.

1. Log into cPanel and click on the "Email Accounts" icon.

Email Accounts

2. Scroll down the page and you'll be able to see a list of the email accounts that are present on your account. If you don't see any accounts listed please click here to learn how to create an email account in cPanel.

When you have found the email address that you wish to configure, click on the "Set Up Mail Client" link to the right of the email address.

Configure Mail Client

3. You will then see an "Automatic Configuration Scripts" heading. If you are looking to set up one of the mail clients in this list, then you can use an automatic configuration script to do the set up for you. To do this, simply click on the script link to the right of your mail client to download a run the config script.

So if for example you wanted to configure your email account on Windows Live mail, you would click on the link as highlighted in the screen shot below.

Automatic Config

If your mail client isn't listed in the automatic configuration list, or if the automatic configuration isn't working for you. Scroll down the page and you will see a heading called "Manual Settings". These settings can be used when setting up ANY mail client be it on your PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet or something else!

You will be able to see you have two options available to you; these are the Secure and Non-Secure settings. We would always recommend using the Secure settings.

Manual Settings

So if you enter the manual connection settings in your mail client, as shown on the "Configure Mail Client" page, you'll be able to get your email up and running!

Note 1: Please don't use the settings in the screen shot above when configuring your email client, these are for demo purposes only and your actual email client settings may differ

Note 2: When setting up your email client you will be asked to choose either the POP3 or IMAP protocol. If you are going to be using the email account across multiple devices we would recommend using IMAP as this means all messages are stored on the server and allows sync'ing across multiple devices. POP3 means that when you download messages via your mail client, the messages are downloaded to your computer and then removed from the server. So the messages would only be present on the one device you originally connected from.

Note 3: The most common error when sending mail is due to not having set up SMTP authentication in your email client. If you are getting errors when sending emails please ensure SMTP authentication is turned on in your mail client.

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