How Do I Cancel a Domain Name?

To disable the auto renewal of a domain name and to let it expire, please follow the steps below.

1. Log into your client area:

2. Click on Domains > My Domains at the top of the screen

3. Click on the ACTIVE button next to your domain

4. In the left hand column click the Autorenew link

5. Click on the red DISABLE AUTORENEW button

Now that you have set your domain as DISABLE AUTORENEW, no invoice will be generated for its renewal. You will still receive reminders from us that the domain is expiring, which we are legally bound to send you, but you can ignore these and the domain will expire

N.B. If Autorenew is enabled, an invoice WILL be generated and if you have a PayPal agreement set up, or a card on file with us, our system will charge your PayPal account or card to pay the invoice. As per our terms and conditions, which every client has to check the box to say they have read and agreed to, domain name registrations and renewals  CANNOT be refunded. Once a domain is registered or renewed, it is yours for the term.
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