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.AU Domain Name Rules/Requirements Print

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General Information

  • D9 Hosting provides 3rd level .AU domain registration under .COM.AU and .NET.AU
  • ID Protect is not available for .AU domain names

  • We support the "LOCK" feature for .AU domains, but this would not prevent a transfer out, as the .AU Registry prohibits blocking transfers.

  • If you choose to delete a .AU domain it becomes available for Registration immediately. The domain name does not enter Redemption Grace Period.

  • To download a copy of your .AU domain registration certificate, please open a support ticket with customer service.

Registration Rules

  • A .AU domain name can be Registered for only 2 years.

  • The .AU Registry prohibits the Registration of some domain names such as those related to Red Cross, United Nations, Olympics, etc.

.AU Domain Renewals

  • A .AU domain name can be Renewed for only 2 years. - However, you may Renew your .AU domain name anytime from 90 days prior to it's Expiry until 0 days after it Expires.
  • Upon Expiry of a .AU domain name, any service such as email, website, etc., configured for this domain name would stop functioning, until the domain name is Renewed
  • If the .AU domain name is not Renewed until 0 days, the domain name would get Deleted and would immediately be available for Registration.

.AU Domain Transfers

  • Transferring a .AU domain name to D9 Hosting is free of cost.
  • Transfer does not include a 2 year Renewal of a .AU domain name.
  • .AU domain names do not have a 60-Day Transfer Lock placed on them after they are Transferred.
  • All .AU domain names have a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code.
  • The length of a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code may vary between 6 to 32 characters.
  • Upon placing a Transfer request for your .AU domain name with D9 Hosting, we would validate your Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code with the .AU Registry. Once confirmed, we will email the Registrant Contact listed in the Whois of the domain name. The Registrant Contact must click the approval link to confirm the Transfer. If the approval link is not clicked within 5 days, the domain name will continue being registered with the current Registrar.

Registrant Related Rules

  • .AU domain names are only available for registration to Australian entities or companies incorporated in Australia.
  • .AU domain names use the General Contact database in the system.
  • .AU domain names use the following 4 Contacts:
    • Registrant Contact
    • Administrative Contact
    • Technical Contact
    • Billing Contact

  • While adding a .AU Contact, you need to provide the following additional details about the Registrant:
    • Eligibility Criteria: You need to choose the type of entity that is applying for the .AU domain name by selecting one of the following values.
    • Commercial Statutory Body
    • Company
    • Incorporated Association
    • Partnership
    • Pending TM Owner
    • Political Party
    • Registered Business
    • Sole Trader
    • Trademark Owner

  • EligibilityID Type: Based on your selection of the Eligibility Criteria above, you need to select an appropriate EligibilityID Type.
    • Australian Company Number (ACN)
    • Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • Victoria Business Number (VIC BN)
    • New South Wales Business Number (NSW BN)
    • South Australia Business Number (SA BN)
    • Northern Territory Business Number (NT BN)
    • Western Australia Business Number (WA BN)
    • Tasmania Business Number (TAS BN)
    • Australian Capital Territory Business Number (ACT BN)
    • Queensland Business Number (QLD BN)
    • Trademark (TM)
    • Other

  • EligibilityID: Mention the ID of the EligibilityID Type you selected above and click the Confirm Eligibility button to validate the details submitted.

  • Registration Name: Depending upon the Eligibility Criteria you selected, your Registration Name may either be the Registrant's name or company name.

  • Eligibility Reason: Select one of the following options to indicate how you are related to the Registration name you listed above and submit the form to register your .AU domain name:

  • Domain name is an Exact Match Abbreviation or Acronym of your Entity or Trading Name.

  • Close and substantial connection between the domain name and the operations of your Entity.
  • .AU Contacts do not support accented characters.
  • .AU domain names do not support D9 Hosting's Privacy Protection feature.
  • However, the .AU Registry does not display Street Adress, Telephone and Fax numbers of the Registrant Contact in Whois Lookups.

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