Recovering Files by using Bootable Media

Recovering files by using bootable media

For information about how to create bootable media, refer to 
"Creating bootable media"

To recover files by using bootable media

1. Boot the target machine, by using the bootable media.

2. Click
 Manage this machine locally or click Rescue Bootable Media twice, depending on the media type you are using.

3. On the welcome screen, click

4. Click
 Select data, and then click Browse.

5. Specify the backup location:
  • To recover from cloud storage, select Cloud storage. Enter the credentials of the backup account to which the backed up machine was assigned.
  • To recover from a local or a network folder, browse to the folder under Local folders or Network folders.
Click OK to confirm your selection.

6. Select the backup from which you want to recover the data. If prompted, type the password for the backup.

7. In
 Backup contents, select Folders/files.

8. Select the data that you want to recover. Click
 OK to confirm your selection.

9. Under
 Where to recover, specify a folder. Optionally, you can prohibit overwriting of newer versions of files or exclude some files from recovery.

10. [Optional] Click
 Recovery options to specify additional settings.

11. Click
 OK to start the recovery.
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