How Do I Create a Category?

You may wish to add a new category to your blog e.g. Directions or Fixtures

You can see examples of categories and how the will appear on your sites home page in the screen shot below.

You will see from the arrows that when you create a category, they appear on the black sub-navigation bar on your home page.

1. To create a category, click on the `Categories' link on the menu (left) under Posts.

You will see that we have already added some categories for our demo website.

2. You may also see a couple of default categories that we have added, particularly if you requested certain categories when you signed up for your account. To create a completely new category, simply type in the name of your category in the first box, then click the Add Category button at the bottom.

You don't need to worry about the other parts of the form at the moment.

Now that you have added a category, you may be wondering why this category has not appeared on the sub-navigation bar on your home page. Well, a category only appears when it has something in it. As soon as you make a post or add some information to your website and select that category for it to appear in, then the category will appear.

You may wish to have sub-categories within the category that you have just created, for example, say you created a category called Fixtures and you wish to show the fixtures for several different teams, you can do this to.

Take a look at our demo website at - hover your mouse over the fixtures link, you will see a drop down menu of all the different sub-categories in the fixtures category, which is known as the `Parent' category.

3. To create a sub-category for your category, simply repeat steps 1 and 2 to get to your Manage > Categories page.

Then add the name of your sub-category into the `Category Name' box, as before. However, this time, you will need to choose your Parent Category from the drop-down box in the Category Parent section of the form.

Don't forget to click the Add Category button at the bottom of the form. (It's actually hidden under the dropdown menu!)

You will then see that your sub-category has been added below it's parent category. You should see it to the right of the form, but may need to refresh the screen for it to appear in the right place.

You can see the parent categories in the screen shot below with the arrows and the sub-categories underneath these, which have been circled.

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