How Do I Add Hyperlinks to my Posts?

If you wish to add hyperlinks (links to other websites) to your posts, simply highlight the url (website address) you wish to turn into a link, then click on the link icon button.

You will then see a small box appear on your screen. You should insert the web address into the Link URL box. You will only need to add the as the http:// part is pre-added for you. Do not delete the http:// as some of your readers may experience problems with your link connecting to the required website.

In the Target box, click on the drop down menu and select `open link in a new window' - this means that your reader will not leave your website, the website that they are visiting through your link will open in a new window and when they close this, your website will still be underneath.

Don't forget to click the Insert button for your link to be saved.

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