How do I Add a Page?


You may wish to add static pages to your website, you know, the type of page that contains information that doesn't change frequently such as an `About' page with information about the history of your club, or a Contact page, which might contain a contact form.

Take a look at our demo website at and you will see that the top navigation bar displays Page links (remember the bottom sub-navigation bar contains links to Categories). The home link is a default link that appears automatically on this navigation bar, it will always take you to your club sites home page when clicked.

So to create a Page, just click on the menu tab entitled 'Pages' which brings up a list of any Pages you happen to have. But to create a new page, you need to click on the 'Add New' link which appears just below the 'Pages' tab on the left.

Insert the title of your Page - this title will appear as the link on the navigation bar on your site, so don't make it too long, othewise it will take up too much space and you won't be able to fit many more pages on. Something short and simple like Contact, About etc. will suffice.

Then add your text/content for the page into the box provided.

When you have finished adding your content, look over to the right-hand side of the screen, were you'll see a section entitled 'Attributes'. Once you have found that, we are looking for the 'Parent' part with the dropdown menu.

The Parent page is the name of the link that will appear in the navigation bar on the website, however, if you go to the demo site at and hover your mouse over one of the Page links in the top navigation bar (try the Contact Us link) you will see that there are sub-pages attached to the Parent page. So you can add more pages to your main pages in the same way that you can add sub-categories to a main category.

You should select whether your new page is a Parent page or a a sub-categorie of a parent page.

Once you have finished, you should see the 'Publish' area at the top-right, in which all you are required to do is click on the Publish button.

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