How do I Add a New User

Please see also article on What The Different User Roles Mean

You can add as many users to your website as you wish. You may have several different team managers or administrators wishing to post information and they can have their own login details.

Go to your Dashboard area and click on the `Users' link which will you will find down the menu on your left.

You will see the main user, which will be admin and have the email address of the main sign up contact. To add our new user though, if you look at the menu again, we have an "Add New" link which you need to click. It will take us to the appropriate page.

You will see a form which should be filled in accordingly.

The form is pretty self-explanatory.

A username will be requied, a first name will usually suffice.

Then add the first name and surname in the next two boxes, together with their email address in the next box.

Then add the website address e.g.

Insert a password and then insert it again to double check that you have added it correctly.

The choose a role from the dropdown box - Administrator will usually suffice.

Don't forget to click the Add User button.

Now the user that you have just added will be able to go to the website and login with their own username and password and all posts will show up as being posted in their own name. e.g. The B Teams match reports will show up as being posted by their manager John Smith, or whatever name you inserted in the First and Last name boxes.


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