I've Run Out of Disc Space/Bandwidth

If you have run out of disc space and bandwith, you are more than likely on one of our old, discontinued packages. We now only offer Unlimited Packages (unlimited disc space/unlimited bandwidth) on our Shared Hosting.

If this is the case, you will need to either delete some items from your space that perhaps you don't need, or you can upgrade your package.

When you upgrade to our Unlimited package - Unlimited disc space and Unlimited Bandwidth, this will not necessarily cost you more money.

To find out about upgrading......

1. Login to your client area at http://d9clients.com

2. Click on Services > My Services, click the View Details button next to your package

3. Click the Management Actions tab, then select upgrade/downgrade, then choose your upgrade

4. Our biller will then calculate how much you have already paid and what, if anything, you need to pay. It may be that we owe YOU money, in which case a credit will be added to your account which you can use to purchase any of our products or services including domain names.

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