Affiliate Rewards Program Launched

We know that there are thousands of different Web Hosting Affiliate Programs out there, but they're all the same!

We wanted to do something different, to give you an incentive to promote D9 Hosting over the competition, so we've come up with what we think is a pretty cool new Affiliate Rewards system.

On the face of it, it's quite simple - as well as receiving your usual affiliate commissions paid out in cold hard cash, straight to your PayPal account, we've introduced an Affiliate Rankings system. You'll move up the affiliate rankings the more sales you make, and each time you reach a new rank we'll send you a gift through the post.

We want to make this rewards system accessible to EVERYBODY!

A lot of similar programs will only send out cool gifts if you can send a gazillion sign ups (that may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point) but we know that's not really fair on the vast majority of affiliates. Whilst we'd love for each and every one of you reading this to send us gazillions of sign ups, it's just not going to happen!

So we are happy to announce that you will reach the first affiliate rank (Level 1) when you send us JUST ONE SALE!

That's right, send us just one sale and you receive a gift through the post, along with the affiliate commission paid directly into your PayPal account.

Send us a further four sales (so five sales in total) and you move up to the next rank (Level 2) and receive a better gift through the post.

The more sales you send us, and the higher up the rankings you go, the better the gifts get - SIMPLE!

The affiliate rewards system officially started on May 1st 2015, and all affiliates are starting from a level playing field with zero sales. Any sales you make from May 1st 2015 onwards will count towards your Affiliate Rewards sale stats. Affiliate Rewards sales stats are updated on the first of each month, so don't worry if you are showing as "Unranked" despite having sent us a sale since May 1st, this will change once the Affiliate Rewards sales are counted up on the 1st of the month.

You can view all of the details of our new Affiliate Rewards program, as well as seeing your current Affiliate Level by clicking here.

New Affiliate Resources Added

It's all well and good providing you with the new Affiliate Rewards program to incentivize you to promote D9 Hosting but we can now do even more to help you make those sales.

We've put together a whole new heap of Affiliate Resources that you can use to promote D9 Hosting, we've also made the Affiliates area much easier to use so please do log in and check out the new resources. New things that you can find inside the Affiliates Section of your client area include:

  • Easier Access To Different Landing Pages
  • Discount Coupons To Use In Your Promotions
  • Bullet Points On Why People Shouldn't Host With EIG Owned Hosts (Hostgator, BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, etc)
  • Bullet Points Showing The Benefits of D9
  • Email Swipes To Send To Your Mailing Lists
  • Promotional Banners To Place On Your Websites and Facebook etc.

As well as all of that, we're also now offering a "Price Beat Promise".

If you have leads that currently host elsewhere that are thinking about joining D9 Hosting but are getting cold feet when it comes to signing up, get them to tell us how much they are paying their current host and we will provide a custom quote for a like for like service and beat the price they currently pay for hosting, saving them money on their hosting costs and helping you close the sale!

We hope that you like what we've put together, and that it helps you drive more and more sales which, in-turn, will earn you more and more Affiliate Commissions and, of course, you’ll start to receive bigger and better gifts through the post each month.

If you think we've missed anything out, or have any suggestions on how we can further improve things to make promoting D9 Hosting even easier, then please do get in touch with us or leave a comment below and we'll be happy to work with you on whatever you have in mind.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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