We are delighted to announce that as of today, you can register tons of new domain name extensions at industry leading prices directly from D9.

You can view the full list of TLD's that are now available to purchase in the list below and we've highlighted a few that we think will prove to be popular.

We'll also be posting a few puntastic suggestions on how to make use of these new TLD's across our social network channels in the coming days and weeks but if you have any suggestions on how you plan to use any of these new TLD's then please do leave a comment below, the funnier the better as we want to create a bit of a .BUZZ!

The Following TLD's Are Now Available:


These new TLD's are .CHEAP so if you want to secure a .COOL new domain name .TODAY get in quick before a super .MARKETING .NINJA .GURU beats you to it! You can order any of the new TLD's via our domain name checker tool:


And remember, leave your puntastic new TLD suggestions in the comments section below!

Monday, June 2, 2014

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