It's the start of our favourite month here at D9 Hosting, it's the time where the leaves on the trees are starting to change colour and everybody has the sudden realisation that Christmas is almost here. But forget all that, we are all here today to celebrate one thing, and one thing only...the start of:

That's right, October is old news, .COMtober is where it's at!!

During the 31 days of .COMtober we are offering you amazing deals on both new domain registrations as well as transfers in.

Take a look at our special .COMtober pricing below, we've also decided to throw in some .ORG and .NET deals just because we are kind like that!

TLD New Registration Price Transfer In Price
.COM $8.99 / £5.99 $7.99 / £4.99
.ORG $7.49 / £5.49 $8.99 / £6.49
.NET $6.99 / £4.99 $7.49 / £5.49

Why Renew When You Can Transfer?

We know that you have loads of domains spread around at different registrars (we see everything *evil laugh*) and come renewal time, you always renew them with the same company, BUT STOP, you are losing money doing this!!

Did you know that when you transfer a domain to a new provider it also adds an additional year to the registration period?

As a rule of thumb, renewals are charged at a much higher rate than transfers in, this is where registrars make their money. But why not turn the tables and save yourself some moolah by transferring your domains over to us, and in the process saving yourself the high renewal fees!

A real life example for you:

- Godaddy currently charge $15.17 / £10.30 to renew a .COM domain name for 1 year.

- During .COMtober D9 Hosting are charging $7.99 / £4.99 for transfers in, remember this includes 1 years renewal.

 - That's a saving of $7.18 / £5.31 on just 1 domain transfer/renewal!


This promotion will end on .COMtober 31st 2013, and there is no limit to the number of domains you can register or transfer in. The promotion is open to both new and existing customers, so spread the word!!

- - Click Here To Order a New Domain Name - -

- - Click Here To Transfer Your Domains Over To D9!* - -

* To transfer a domain from 1 registrar to another, you first need to log into the control panel of your existing domain registrar and remove any privacy protect service, unlock the domain name, and then generate the AUTH/EPP code. This is a straightforward task but if you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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