We don't like Malware, it sucks!

When a site gets infected with Malware it creates headaches for everyone involved:

- The Webmaster
- The Website Visitor
- The Web Host

The Webmaster panics because someone or something (a bot) has accessed their hosting account without their knowledge.

The Website Visitor gets frustrated because site they are trying to access is at best being blocked by a "This site is infected with malware" warning from their Web Browser or Anti Virus Program, and at worst is infecting their machine with all kinds of malware and viruses.

The Web Host hates malware because it can lead to spam emails, DDOS attacks and all sorts of other malicious activities taking place on the server, ultimately leading to a server crash or the IP of the server being blacklisted by ISP's.

Nobody wins when it comes to malware!

That's why we have decided to brand May as our "Malware Removal Month". (MRM to save me some typing)

During MRM we are going to be making a concerted effort to help our clients remove any malware that is present on their web hosting account. It goes beyond the normal level of service we'd offer, but we are determined to do our bit to help keep the Internet malware free!

Stage one of MRM has just been completed. We have spent the past 72 hours scanning EVERY Shared and Reseller hosting account for malware, and we've then forwarded the results onto the owners of the accounts and provided them with tips on how to keep accounts safe in the future.

So if you've received an email from us with details of any Malware that is lurking on your account, please don't disregard it, please read it and take the appropriate action!

Stage two will start on Monday, and will result in a second scanning of all accounts. We are hoping to see a drastic reduction in the amount of Malware reported in the second scan, since infected clients will have had all weekend to remove the malware, but any accounts that are still showing as being infected will be noted down and the clients contacted again.

The final stage of MRM will take place the week starting the 27th May and will include a final scan of all accounts. Any accounts we find that have failed to take action or get in touch with us after receiving two prior notifications will have the accounts manually reviewed, and depending on the severity of the malware may have a temporary suspension placed on the account.

If all goes to plan and with your help, we should have made the Internet that little bit safer by the end of the month!

As always please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Friday, May 17, 2013

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