We are pleased to announce that the highly popular 1 click software installer; Softaculous, is now available to use for all Shared and Reseller hosting customers at no extra cost.

Softaculous can be accessed from within your cPanel by clicking on the "Softaculous" icon - you'll find it in the "Software/Services" tab, in-between the "RVSitebuilder" and "Fantastico" icons.

You can also quickly access the most popular scripts with a single click by scrolling to the bottom of your cPanel home page where you will see a brand new "Softaculous Apps Installer" tab.

Softaculous Vs Fantastico

You'd be right in thinking that Softaculous and Fantastico are two very similar products, they both allow you to install scripts via a web interface with just a few clicks, but there are a couple of important differences that makes Softaculous a superior product. (In our opinion!)

The most obvious difference, that you'll notice straight away, is the sheer number of scripts that Softaculous allows you to install. At the time of writing Softaculous includes 260 scripts that are available for you to install, whereas Fantastico only has 59. So as you can see, that's a massive difference.

The second difference is a big one for us, and it's the speed of which new versions of scripts are rolled out by Softaculous. As I'm sure you're already aware, running old, insecure scripts on your hosting account can lead to all kinds of problems. So it's important to keep your scripts updated at all times, but in the past this has been difficult with Fantastico, due to the amount of time it takes them to roll out new script updates. Softaculous rolls out updates within hours, rather than weeks/months, which makes it much easier for you to keep everything secure and up to date!

So with that in mind, we would strongly encourage you to use Softaculous for future script installs. We won't be removing Fantastico anytime soon, but if you could ty and make use of Softaculous that would be great.

VPS and Dedicated Server Licenses

As a Softaculous NOC partner, we are able to offer Softaculous licenses to our Dedicated Server and VPS customers at great rates - it's cheaper to buy from us than it is to buy directly from Softaculous! So if you have a VPS or Dedicated Server with us, and you'd like to purchase a license from us, drop us a line!

We hope you enjoy playing with the new scripts, and of course, please get in touch should you have any questions.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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