Server IP Changes (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Other - Servers: Goron, Hermes, Kipling, Shaw, Wilde
  • The servers Goron, Hermes, Kipling, Shaw and Wilde will be undergoing some maintenance over the next 2 days. This is the work we originally had penciled in for Saturday that we emailed clients about this on the 25th.

    We have been able to bring this forward so we will be doing it ASAP. Doing the work now will mean we can run the new IP addresses on a 2nd NIC in conjunction with the old, this will result in a small period of downtime but will mean we can avoid the prolonged downtime had we been forced to wait until Saturday. Clients will be emailed the new IP as soon as migration is completed.

    We attempted to do this on Goron yesterday afternoon/evening (25th) but the data center assigned an incorrect new IP block to the servers meaning we couldn't bring them up and this resulted in 2 - 3 hours downtime. We are currently waiting on new (correct!) IP addresses to be assigned and brought up at which point we can move sites over to the new IP addresses.

    Many thanks for your continued patience on this, it is much appreciated.

  • Date - 06/26/2019 09:17
  • Last Updated - 06/26/2019 09:20
Network Upgrades (Scheduled)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - NYC Network
  • A number of Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers will be offline for periods on the 29th June due to a network upgrade being carried out in our NYC datacentre. All affected clients have already been notified via email, buy you can find full details of the migration below:

    Event Summary: Our datacentre in NYC will be migrating your server to their new network. We do not expect downtime to last the entire maintenance period.

    The new network was designed from the ground up for improved reliability through automation and increased redundancy, more affordable bandwidth upgrades, and more DDoS protection at no additional charge.

    This is the final part of the network upgrade. No action is needed from your end and the server will remain powered on throughout the process, it will simply be hooked up to a new switch and then we will update the network settings on the server via a KVM interface.

    How Much Downtime Will There Be: Although the maintenance window lasts for 12 hours, we have been informed that downtime per server is likely to be around 60 - 180 minutes. As there are thousands of servers being migrated to the new network it isn't possible to say when this downtime will occur during the window, but as soon as we see the server has been removed from the old network, we will be logging into the server and updating the network settings ready for it to come back up on the new network.

  • Date - 06/29/2019 09:00 - 06/29/2019 21:00
  • Last Updated - 06/24/2019 09:03

Server Status

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