D9 Hosting is pleased to announce that 2nd season of our Fantasy Football (Soccer!) competition is up and running in preparation for the start of the new Premier League Season.

Each year we invite all customers, friends, relatives, cats, dogs, goldfish, etc. to come join our Fantasty Football league. It's free to play, and the winner of the D9 League will be rewarded with a FREE domain name - so that should give you an extra incentive to do well :-)

If you haven't a clue what we are talking about, Fantasy Football lets you select a "Fantasty" team made up of any premiership players from any teams, you have to pick the best team you think, whilst remaining within the budget.

Each week when games are played, the players in your team will earn points for doing well - Scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, etc. but they'll also lose points if they have a bad game, so you need to try and get the balance right!

You can create your team here:


And once you've found that magic formula, click on "Leagues" > "Join League" and enter the following code:


You'll then be added to the D9 League where you can compete against the others, who will win the free domain name? Only time will tell :-)

We'll see you on the pitch!

Kind Regards,
Dan & Paula - D9 Hosting

P.S. Even if you know nothing about football it's well worth joining, it's a bit of light hearted fun and who knows, you may get lucky with your team selection and end up top of the league!

P.P.S. The D9 League is open to anyone, so if you have any friends or family members you think would enjoy the league (and a free domain!) please feel free to share the details with them. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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